White Water Rafting Tours

Price $95 per person

Class IV Rafting

This tour is an amazing experience filled with excitement, adventure and adrenaline. Class IV Rapids are recommended only for people with previous experience in rafting, because they are filled with exciting and difficult rapids.

The San Miguel run, located in the Sarapiquí river, is very continuous, with lots of class IV rapids and a few class III rapids, because of this a very good physical condition is required along with a healthy dose of adventurous spirit. This trip requires a minimum of 4 people and it is only available in winter time, from August through December.



  • Minimum 2 pax.
  • The price is the same for kids and adults.
  • Women: bathing suit, shorts and t-shirt preferably with sleeves to protect them from the sun.
  • Men: swim trunks and t-shirt.
  • Everyone has to wear shoes, the options are: strap sandals (Teva, Keen); water shoes or tennis shoes (NEVER flip flops or sandals without a back).
  • Take sun block, a hat, glasses (optional):
    • Apply sun block on arms, the front of legs and the back of the neck moderately.  Don not apply sun block on the back of legs because when in contact with water it will become very slippery and will increase the chances of falling out of the raft; nor on the forehead because when in contact with water it may drip onto eyes causing irritation.
    • If wanted, you may bring a hat to wear under the helmet.
    • If glasses are taken they must have a device to secure them, like a strap.
  • Waterproof camera, bottle of water (optional).
  • Please do not take jewelry or valuable objects, because they might get lost in the river.

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Only 90 minutes away from San José, Costa Rica
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