Mountain Biking

Price $60 per person

Early in the morning at our facilities located in Chilamate of Sarapiquí, only 90 minutes from San José, plans are made for a day filled with adventure: first is getting all the necessary equipment for the trip ready such as clothes, water, adjusting the bikes for each member of the group and finally a small talk about the route we will be taking on the tour.

Once everyone is ready, one of the guides takes the lead in order to indicate the right path. We only ride 1 kilometer on paved roads before going into the gravel and dirt roads where the rest of the tour will take place. This whole part of the tour is composed of small gravel or dirt roads that lead to various small communities of the area, on which very little traffic is encountered.

Depending on the weather and physical conditions of the group, we will take the paths that lead to rural areas which are further away, and to parts of the forest where we will be able to see lots of animals such as Congo monkeys, white-faced monkeys, iguanas, insects, butterflies and all types of birds. Also, we will enjoy rivers and streams that give us the possibility of taking a rest and enjoying the scenery.

A lot of the trip will depend entirely on the physical condition of the group, because in order to reach these mountain tops and parts of the forest, having great physical condition is a must. Also, the other alternative routes go by, pineapple plantations, heart of palms, open grasslands and small communities. The time that the tour lasts depends on the physical conditions of the group, in other words, as we go through the routes, the multiple roads we can take give us the possibility of lengthening or shortening our trip at every moment, because of this, it is the tour guide’s responsibility to talk to the group and constantly monitor everyone’s physical condition. Normally the tour lasts for 1:30 hours and goes longer depending always on the weakest person in the group. The difficulty of the route is intermediate. There are areas of the tour with flat land and other areas that have some steep and long hills, each meaning a challenge to the rider. The number of guides will depend on the size of the group, but there will always be 2 guides per group minimum. Both guides are trained and specialized in fixing any mechanical problems that may arise during the ride. The biodiversity of life and landscapes that can be seen in Sarapiquí can be enjoyed from a variety of different settings. The mountain-bike tour motivates and invites us to enjoy the wonders of the area while practicing physical activities and keeping ourselves fit.



  • Minimum 2 pax.
  • The price is the same for kids and adults.
  • Shorts
  • T-shirt
  • Tennis shoes
  • We recommend taking insect repellent and sunblock, depending on the weather conditions.
  • Please do not take jewelry or valuable objects.


(506) 2766-6768
(506) 8866-3823

Only 90 minutes away from San José, Costa Rica
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