Frequently Asked Questions

It is very easy to make your reservation from the United States or from any other part of the country. You can call our main offices in Sarapiquí, to the Telephone-Fax (506) 27-66-6768, daily between 8:00am and 5:00 pm.

Also we have 2 cell phone numbers available:(506) 88-66-3823 and (506) 88-42-6548. You may also make your reservation through the following e-mail addresses:

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Adventures of Sarapiquí offers half day or full day trips, with options for beginners or experts.

Class I and II trips are great for beginners or for people looking for a nice peaceful ride and for the opportunity to observe birds and wildlife. This area is great for small kids and senior citizens.

Class III trips offer amazing views of the tropical rainforest for those looking for a great experience through the rapids or through the beautiful crystal clear ponds the river has to offer.

Class IV and V trips are for people with experience, they will take you through high difficulty sections of the river with very technical falls.

All of Costa Rica’s rivers offer fun throughout the whole year. The water level in the rivers depends on the rainfall, which generally is 4 meters per year. We always take into account the water level, and adjust our equipment and safety measures accordingly. The rainy season goes from June to December, and the rafting trips are very exciting. During the other months, it rains less, but it is still possible to enjoy the rapids and the natural beauty. The temperature of the water is 25 degrees Celsius year-round.

Before beginning any trip with Adventures of Sarapiquí, every person is required to read, understand and sign a liability release contract with our company. We do everything we can to ensure the safety of all persons, but your collaboration in following our instructions and rules is needed and greatly appreciated. The company requires that any physical or medical condition be reported at the time of reservation and again to your tour guide before embarking on your trip.

You do NOT need to know how to swim in order to enjoy one of our rafting trips. Before beginning the trip, a type V lifevest will be giving to you along with a helmet, both of which surpass the international safety standards. Also, the guides will give everyone a brief talk about safety before the tour starts. We suggest that if you are planning a trip on a Class IV or V tour, you should have previous experience in rafting and feel comfortable in the water.

You must bring a bathing suit or comfortable clothing, because we guarantee that you will get wet. Also, you should bring a change of clothes, sun-block and a camera, if you wish. You need to take special river sandals, or tennis shoes.

Of course! We just ask you to inform us when you make your reservation. We will do our best to fulfill your request, but we do not guarantee it.

All of our guides are paid adequately for the services they offer us, but if you believe that a certain person made your trip that much more special, a tip is a very welcome way of saying thanks. Also, all kinds of comments are welcome; we are constantly looking for ways to improve our company and our services.

Here are some things which you should bring along when going on one of our tours:

What to take for the river:

• Bathing suit

• Water shoes, tennis shoes or sandals

• Change of clothes

• Sun-block

• Waterproof camera (professional photograph service available)

What to take for the rainforest:

• Long pants

• Hiking boots or tennis shoes

• Sun-block

• Insect repellent

• Digital camera and binoculars (professional photograph service also available)



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(506) 8866-3823

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