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Team Building

Adventure based Learning is a methodology of educational and / or therapeutic program in which the use of adventure activities of physical and / or psychological demand are used in a safety framework to promote interpersonal and intrapersonal skills development.

Adventure-based learning offers learning opportunities and experiences in totally unique social and geographic settings.

Through the participation in a multi-dimensional learning activities, people access to an environment that allows them to be tested in different situations, and as a result, they acquire a greater self-awareness about their strengths, weaknesses and character.

What characterizes our programs:

  • It is experiential: There is nothing more relevant to oneself than their own experience. Learning directly from personal experience inscribes a sense of belonging to that learning that allows it to be applicable in a permanent way.
  • The perception of risk as a component of adventure activities, leads the group to an emotional predisposition (state of flow) that conveniently accompanied, supports the learning process in a positive way.
  • The unconventional activities, the problems to be solved and the work scenarios, stimulate the conditions of interdependence and group cohesion, difficult to reproduce in other educational contexts.
  • The direct relationship between causes and effects. The consequences of the actions are easily observable which allows the critical analysis of the experience. On the other hand, the possibility of including several cycles and activities on which to be reflected (eg, adventure race), allows to identify naturalized patterns of behavior and the immediate consequences of such patterns.
  • Learning is generalizable. The technique of experiential learning allows establishing links and relationships between activities and everyday life. On the other hand, the powerful metaphors that emerge from the activity of adventures help to understand complex concepts in a simple and forceful way.
  • Contact with nature transforms. We all experience the effects of being outdoors and in touch with nature. When we are in this environment something happens internally almost spontaneously. In this sense, a good choice of scenarios can be decisive when achieving extra-ordinary results.
  • Because it's fun! Playing is the fundamental resource in this methodology. This is a fundamental ingredient for motivation and commitment to the learning process. The possibility of “play to learning" undoubtedly stimulates the attitude of getting involved to continue learning.

Our consultant will be understanding well the needs and challenges of the team in their real environment (business), to design and implement a program that is significant, relevant and with high impact for the team.

Within the components of "Adventure" as a tool for personal and group growth, Rafting can be the most effective activity to understand how a team should behave to achieve a common goal in a very challenging environment.

Some key aspects that Rafting can expose: leadership, anticipation of risks, alignment, communication, relationships of trust, clear roles and responsibilities.

The program can focus on High Performance Teams skills, Organizational Competencies or Values defined in their organizational culture.

The program is designed for our consultant / facilitator to lead the team to identify opportunities to increase their effectiveness using direct experience as an information bank. Therefore, the program is structured as follows:

  • Briefing:  Meeting session prior to the Rafting activity.  We welcome and perform some warm-up exercises (icebreakers) to awakening enthusiasm and focus the team's attention. Expectations are leveling by talking about the experience. An explanation of the Adventure and the Rafting is given as a stage to discover and apply skills as a team. Some important concepts are explained as Comfort Zone, Challenge by Option, Controlled Risk, among others. With this, the team is ready and conscious to start the exercise.
  • Rafting:  It is a trip in the Rio Sarapiquí with an approximate 3 hours f duration in a section with class II and III rapids, ideal for corporate programs due to their intensity and time of travel.  Rafting is presented as a Challenge for the team, this must be organized by raft in order to support and cooperate (as interdependent teams) in order to achieve the common goal, which is to descend the river to an end point in a safe and effective way. In the place of entry to the river, as well as during the descent, teams must complete some exercises:
  • SPRINT:  self-guided raft races
  • SELF RESCUE: intentionally flip the raft and recover it in the shortest possible time
  • PASSENGER RESCUE: using the established security protocols
  • EVERYBODY A GUIDE: everybody will have the opportunity to guide the raft
  • SCOUTING:  we will stop before a rapid to analyze it and decide the safer route to cross it
  • SWIMMER cross the river as a team and swim a rapid
  • Debriefing: Gathered in a natural environment (open lounge or garden area by the river), participants will have the opportunity to reflect and share the experience with the team. By sharing the moments of greatest impact (feelings and emotions), behaviors that were significant and important for the positive performance of people and the team are identified. This feedback session is conducted through direct questions or topics of conversation to the whole group, and in small group formation to encourage the participation of all.
  • Application to real life: Once these assertive behaviors are identified, the team is ready to propose ideas or actions of change or adjustments in their dynamics as real team. The result can be a bank of ideas (list of proposals without detail) or action plans with times, responsible, measurement and first tasks. Before closing the process, individual and collective commitments (as a team) are generated to give impetus and follow-up to the proposed ideas or actions.

This will definitely be an extraordinary and memorable experience for your team.

The expectation, the adrenaline, the scenario, the motivation, the team effort, the stress situations, the victory, and of course the fun, will be some of the maximum exponents of this day.

An Adventure Race is a competitive and sporting discipline in small teams (5 or 6 members), which consists of successfully fulfilling a series of "adventure challenges" in an established time limit.

Beyond the physical condition (because we designed it so that ALL can participate), strategy and effectiveness in making decisions and solve problems are the keys to success, therefore, the feeling of success at the end is shared by all teams by the mere fact of having completed it.

The race is structured in a way that allows the process of experience as a learning scenario:

  • Opening Ceremony:  Welcome, video presentation of Professional Adventure Race, talks about the performance of the teams in this activity. Leveling of expectations and alienation of intentions towards team work. Teams forming process.
  • Instructions and technical talks: The instructions and rules are presented and the competition material (race guide, map, compasses, etc.) is handed out. The teams divide their members to attend the technical talks, then share the knowledge with their team. Quick session of strategic alignment before the rece.
  • The Race:  The adventure challenges are defined according to the characteristics of each group (intensity, objectives of the process, number of participants, time available, budget, etc.).

  • Awards and Closing Ceremony: In an atmosphere of success for the achievement of the day, we will begin this session with a review of the experiences lived during the day through a session of photos and videos of the race. People will have the opportunity to relive some significant or magical moments that will definitely remain in time. We will give opportunity for the teams to meet again and briefly analyze their performance and more important learning, some can share with the whole group. At the end, results and awards will be given to the teams. We can close the day with a presentation and / or celebration.


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